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Division of Agronomy

Agronomy division deals with crop production technologies for Paddy, Sorghum, Maize, Minor millets, Pulses, Oilseeds and fodder crops, integrated farming system, organic agriculture, organic manures and certification etc., to the farming community.


1. Need based training programmes conducted on different field crops for Practicing Farmers, Farm Women and Rural Youth

  • Integrated crop management in Millets and Minor millets
  • Integrated crop management in Pulses
  • Integrated crop management in Groundnut & Castor
  • SRI Technology in Paddy
  • SSI Technology in Sugarcane
  • Integrated farming system for different ecosystem in Namakkal district
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Green fodder and fodder seed production technology
  • Hydroponic fodder production technology
  • Tree cultivation under wasteland
  • Vermicompost production technology

2. Training programmes of innovative technologies conducted to Extension Functionaries for dissemination of technologies among the farmers

  • Seed production techniques for cereals and pulses
  • Seed production technology for groundnut
  • Drought mitigation practices for agricultural crops
  • Integrated farming system for different ecosystem

3. Interventions Proposed based on the Prioritized Problems (OFT & FLD)

Sl.No. Description Area (ha) No. of Demo
Name of the OFT Programme (2017-18)
1 Assessment of suitable single cut fodder sorghum varieties for rainfed condition 4 10
2 Assessment of new paddy variety CO-52 through different system of cultivation 2 5
Name of the FLD Programme (2017-18)
3 Demonstration of Foxtail millet variety (CO-7) with ICM practices 10 25
Name of the Cluster FLD Programme under NFSM (2017-18)
4 Demonstration of high yielding green gram varieties (CO-8) and ICM practices 30 75
5 Demonstration of high yielding black gram varieties (VBN-8) and ICM practices 20 50
Name of the Cluster FLD Programme under NMOOP (2017-18)
6 Demonstration of high yielding groundnut varieties (Kadiri-9/GJG-31) and ICM practices 150 60

4. Special Activities

  • Seed production programmes are organised in the farmers field for fodder varieties and make it available to the farmers and institution in Tamil Nadu and other states through Public Private Partnership mode (PPP Mode).
  • Implementation of Technology Demonstration Components (TDC) for drought tolerant and short duration varieties in groundnut and pulses & Insitu moisture conservation practices and integrated farming system models in NICRA scheme at Vadavathur & Jambumadai village funded by CRIDA, Hyderabad.
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode developed for paddy seeds, groundnut and pulses seeds procured from the farmers and distributed to needy farmers.