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Extension Activities

Mahila Kisan Diwas 15.10.2020

Celebrated Mahila Kisan Diwas on 15.10.2020 at the campus with 52 rural farm women. The involvement of farm women in agricultural activities was emphasized and motivated them to form farmers producer groups for better marketing. Elocution and essay competitions on "women empowerment" were also conducted

World Egg Day, 2020 09.10.2020

Celebrated world egg day, 2020 at KVK, Namakkal with 22 participants and enlightened about consumption of boiled egg as protein supplement to boost immunity and fight against pandemic diseases and supplied boiled egg to all participants.

Special Programme of FAO

Registration and webcasting of Commemorative Coin on Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at 75th and World Food Day (16.10.2020)

Preamble -Constitution of the India, 2020

Preamble of Constitution of the India was taken at 26.11.2020 at KVK, Namakkal with 21 participants.

Milk day, 2020

On this occasion, Quiz Programme was conducted on scientific dairy farming and clean milk production and farmers ranked constraints in dairy farming in KVK, Namakkal on 27.11.2020

World Soil Health Day, 2020

• Conducted World Soil Day, 2020 on 05.12.2020 at KVK, Namakkal. The Joint of Agrl. And Deputy Director of Horticulture felicitated the event and stressed the importance of soil bio diversity. • Thematic exhibition and demonstration on soil health management was carried out. • Soil health cards issued and farmers who applied soil health card based fertilizer application and propagating to other farmers were honoured. • Display board kept to depict the soil fertility status of Namakkal district and recommendation to overcome the deficiency

National Farmers Day - 2020

On this occasion, Guest lecture delivered on various topics of scientific agriculture and livestock farming, Exhibition and Demonstration of TANUVAS developed Products in KVK, Namakkal on 23.12.2020.

SwachhataPakhwada, 2020

Observance of Swachhtha was conducted at KVK premises, KVK adopted &non-adopted villages since 16.12.2020. Conducted awareness campaign (Waste recycling, water harvesting, utilization of waste water, avoid single use plastics, parthenium composting), displayed poster at the entrance of KVK premises, planted tree saplings at Govt. Higher secondary school, Namakkal, cleaned office premises, common place and public place. Organized on webinar and Live phone in programme with All India Radio, Tiruchirapalli between 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm on recycling of farm waste. Conducted drawing and essay writing competitions and honoured best one. Teachers and farmers shared their experience on Swachhata Farmers day conducted and honoured farmer who involved in Swachhata activity

Webcasting of interaction programme on PM Kisan Samman Nidhi programme

Organized live webcast of interaction programme on PM Kisan Samman Nidhi at KVK premises on 25.12.2020. No.of farmers registered : 1013 No .of farmers & staff viewed the programme at KVK, Namakkal : 67 No .of farmers viewed the programme at village : 92

National consumer day, 2020

Live webcasting of National consumer day (24.12.2020) was done at KVK, Namakkal on 24.12.2020

Pongal Vizha, 2021 celebration

Pongal vizha, 2021 was celebrated at KVK, Namakkal on 19.01.2021 with 40 farmers. Exhibition on latest technologies and varieties which includes fodder seeds, seed materials, saplings, crop boosters, micronutrients, bioagents, organic manures probeads, animal disease diagnostic kit, animal health products, feed supplements were displayed. IIHR, Bengaluru marigold seed materials supplied to flower grower to conduct OFT trails. Farmers were taken to expose the units of KVK and finally programme ended with folk dance given by farmers

Pongal Vizha, 2021 celebration at DFI village

Pongal vizha, 2021 was celebrated at DFI village-Ganapathipalayam on 21.01.2021 with 100 farmers under TANUVAS village adoption. Exhibition on latest technologies includes fodder seeds, seed materials, saplings, crop boosters, micronutrients, bioagents, organic manures, probeads, animal disease diagnostic kit, animal health products, feed supplements were displayed. Besides seven competitions were conducted for school children and farmers and honoured winners by the Panchayat President. Critical inputs namely waste decomposer and mineral mixture was distributed to encourage scientific dairy farming and recycling of farm waste among the farmers.