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Division of Fisheries

Fisheries division deals with production technologies for Poly culture of carps, Milk fish and Litopenaeus vannamei. Popularization of backyard ornamental fish culture, cage culture, Integrated Farming System model for garden lands.


1. Need based training programmes conducted on different field crops for Practicing Farmers, Farm Women and Rural Youth

  • Method demonstration of value added fish products
  • Fabrication of glass aquarium tanks
  • Fish feed preparation & fish processing methods
  • Integrated fish farming
  • Polyculture of carp and prawn
  • Pangasius, GIFT Tilapia and Shrimp farming
  • Ornamental fish and Seabass farming
  • Cage system of fish farming
  • Crab fattening and fish feed preparation

2. Training programmes of innovative technologies conducted to Extension Functionaries for dissemination of technologies among the farmers

  • Cage culture
  • Integrated farming system
  • Murrel farming

3. Interventions Proposed based on the Prioritized Problems (FLD & OFT)

Sl.No. Name of the OFT Programme Trials
1 Assessment of growth performance of Pacu with catla, rohu and amur carp 5
Sl.No. Name of the FLD Programme Demos
1 Demonstration on Open pond culture of seabass- an alternate source of income for the small farmers 2
2 Demonstration of Integrated farming of Fish-Cum-Cattle Farming system to improve yield and to generate additional income source to small farmers 3
3 Demonstrating usage of fish Hydrolysates as Bio-stimulants for organic agriculture 2
4 Demonstration on Impact of Floating diets on Growth, survival rate performance, enhancement of feed conversion efficiency, yield and cost effectiveness of Tilapia 2

4. Special Activities

  • Implementation of Technology Demonstration Components (TDC) for Fish Farming in Water Bodies as an alternative livelihood for local communities – Pangasius culture in NICRA scheme at Vadavathur & Jambumadai village funded by CRIDA, Hyderabad.
  • Special Programme on EDP - Value added fish products and Skill Development Programme.