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Division of Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry section has strong intention to popularise innovative cost effective technologies for livestock farmers of Namakkal district, promoting integrated farming system and encouraging value addition of livestock farm produce.


1. Need based training programmes conducted on different field crops for Practicing Farmers, Farm Women and Rural Youth

  • Profitable dairy farming
  • Small ruminant farming
  • Desi chicken rearing
  • Japanese quail farming
  • Rabbit farming
  • White pig farming
  • Low cost concentrate feed preparation
  • Mixed fodder cultivation and Hydroponic fodder production methods to livestock
  • Nutrition and Breeding management in livestock
  • Value addition of livestock products

2. Training programmes of innovative technologies conducted to Extension Functionaries for dissemination of technologies among the farmers

  • Oestrous synchronisation techniques
  • Importance of Mixed Fodder production and preservation methods for profitable livestok farming
  • Hydroponics as drought mitigation strategy in fodder production
  • Low cost concentrate preparation

3. Skill Council Trainings to the livestock farmers

  • Poultry farmer
  • Piggery farmer

4. Interventions Proposed based on the Prioritized Problems (OFT & FLD)

Sl.No. Name of the OFT Programme Trials
1 Assessment of improved pure bred as an alternative to backyard poultry strains 5
2 Assessment of ecto-parasiticide in dairy cattle 5
3 Assessment of the lamb milk replacer for growth and immunity 5
4 Assessment of herbal based drug to control sub - clinical mastitis in dairy animals 5
Sl.No. Name of the FLD Programme Demos
1 Popularization of TANUVAS GRAND (Improved version) as feed supplementation in dairy cattle 10
2 Demonstration of black soldier fly larvae as feed in backyard poultry 5
3 Demonstration of extruded feed for goat 10
4 Demonstration of Tick shield to control tick infestation in dairy animals 10

5. Special Activities

  • Implementation of Technology Demonstration Components (TDC) for climate resilient technologies like slatted floor house for small ruminants, mixed fodder cultivation, vaccination for chick poultry in NICRA scheme at Vadavathur & Jambumadai village funded by CRIDA, Hyderabad.
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode developed for desi chicks and distributed to needy farmers.

6. Specialised KVK for Small Holder livestock and Poultry farming

KVK Namakkal was selected as Specialised KVK for Small Holder livestock and Poultry farming by ICAR and allotted with the budget outlay of 15 lakhs and under this, one fish cum duck pond as integrated farming was created in the KVK premises, one bore well was digged for water recharge and diagnostic lab was constructed (7.5 lakhs) and purchased farm and lab equipment (7.5 lakhs) to exhibit innovative technologies in livestock farming and farm mechanisation to equip small holder farmer in the current era.

7. Village Adoption Programme

Under Village adoption programme, Anniyapuram and Peramandampalayam villages were selected and activities being carried out for interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach for holistic development of the villages.