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Incubation Centre for Sustainable Small holder livestock and poultry production to enhance the livelihood of small farmers by integrated livestock farming

Objectives of the scheme

  • Identification and selection of suitable indigenous desi chicken breeds for maintaining breed stock
  • Documentation of existing practices and evolving suitable package of practices
  • Capacity building programmes for farmers, extension functionaries and SMSs of other KVKs
  • Assistance to farmers start of integrated livestock farms by availing bank loan, training and continuous technical support

Budget: Rs.976500/-

Duration: Two years

Workdone so far

  • Survey on livestock rearing pattern completed and data analysed for 11 blocks with 125 farmers (Namakkal, Mallasamuthiram, Erumapatti, Sendamangalam, Namagiripettai, Mallasamuthiram, Vennandhur, Puduchathiram, Kabilar malai, Mohanur, Rasipuram)
  • Aseel and native chicken is being reared – Six months aged, ready to lay eggs now
  • Kadaknath – Egg laying started – so for 100 chicks incubated and supplied to farmers
  • Native chicken variety chicks purchased and maintained. Birds completed three months age
  • Preparation of training manual is under progress with the documented package of practices
  • 123 dung samples collected and analysed and results interpreted. 56 samples were positive for worm infection and out of that 35 samples were positive for strongyle and 21 for Moniezia


  • Desi chicken breeding stock strengthened at KVK, Namakkal
  • Three farm women groups were formed and the Kadaknath and Aseel chicks incubated from the scheme distributed and growth performance is being monitored