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National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA)

NICRA scheme has been promoted in 11th five year plan by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) under the technical leadership of Central Research Institute for Dry land Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad. NICRA at Namakkal is being initiated in 2011 by Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University at Vadavathur village which has recorded an average rainfall of only 400 mm for the past 26 years. The village has 829 families with the population of 2850 and they were benefited under NICRA in different modules. Introduction of new climate resilient technologies in Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock, Poultry and fisheries, Rain water Storage structures and Custom Hiring Centre (CHC) for farm implements are the major activities of the scheme and it made sustenance in livelihood of the farmers.

Activities carried out since 2011

  1. Natural Resource Management

    • Renovation of Community Ponds:Senkuttai, Aayiramkuttai, Periyakalingikuttai, Ponnankannikuttai
    • Lining of Temporary Water Storage Ponds

  2. Crop Production

    • Drought resistant, short duration, Pest and disease resistant variety
    • Integrated Pest and Disease management practices in small onion

  3. Livestock and Fisheries Management

    • Introduction of superior germ plasm
    • Construction of improved shelters for reducing heat stress in livestock and poultry
    • Green fodder development and Disease preventive measures

  4. Institutional Interventions

    • Custom Hiring Farm Implements

Salient Achievements

Module Promising Technologies Performance Extremity Area (ha) Farmers Reach (nos.) Constraints Faced for Spread
NRM Community ponds - 11 nos. Support addition
(Water holding capacity 68975 Cu.m )
345 323 Grouping of farmers to understand the technology
Farm pond - 17 nos. Support addition
(55 cu.m/each pond )
14.8 17
Permanent check dam - 15 nos. Support addition 137.5 61
Percolation tank - 2 nos. Support addition 2.4 2
Insitu moisture conservation Summer ploughing
Compartmental bunding
Multigrain green manuring
Crop production Drought tolerant and short duration variety Jasmine
Additional vegetable crops
Black gram - Vamban 6
Green gram - Co8
Groundnut - Co7
Gourds, tomato, brinjal, bhendi
Non availability of seeds at monsoon period, Monsoon failures, Lack of integration of all enterprises
Livestock Multicut fodder production Cofs 29 and mixed fodder cultivation for nutritious food supply 58 320 Monsoon failure after establishment of fodder seeds and assembling at single place for proper vaccination
Housing Improved shed & shelters for dairy, poultry, sheep & goat 67 120
Disease management Vaccination against PPR, blue tongue & ranikhet Dairy 370 -922
Sheep & goat 405 - 3285
Poultry 839 - 2581
Institution intervention Custom hiring centre Among the NICRA farmers share the instruments on cost basis 1009636 in 9 years Collection and maintenance and revenue generation

Vadavathur, Jambumadai, Thipramadevi, Sevinthipatti
Farm holdings : 3214     Total area : 2470.28
89% covered in NICRA village and nearby village of NICRA